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The Iron Press September 2023

Hello! Greetings from the MIW Team!

Well, Tom’s a bit busy with a few important projects that are headed our way and since he’s not asked about the newsletter, we decided to take over the newsletter this month. In following his leadership, “It’s always better to ask for forgiveness than permission." Don’t worry, after reading this newsletter he’ll be back next month, we can almost bet on it!

For this month we thought we’d share two important topics with you. First, we are celebrating 45 years in the industry. We know, it’s hard to imagine but Tom’s been welding here in Onaway for 45 years! We’ve been debating if he’s aged gracefully or not? We will let you decide as we’d all like to stay employed. Second, we nominated him for a “Keep Michigan Beautiful” award that we felt he deserved. The good news ... so did the committee as he'll be receiving this award next month.

We hope you enjoy our version of the newsletter. Let us know if you do or if you don’t … either way someone will be happy!


The MIW Team

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