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The Iron Press November 2023

Walt does manual welding while monitoring the robotic welding machine. This almost triples the efficiency of a human being and keeps our manhours per ton as competitive as any in this industry.

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

Every department here is not only buzzing with activity but they are doing it in style. We stopped just long enough to congratulate ourselves this month for the huge victories we made in quality, safety, and administration.

Then we went back to work.

Receiving hundreds of tons in plate and structure for our workload kept the yard bustling. The laydown area is so full of material it looks like a steel mill rather than a fabricating facility.

It's always good to look back and smile so this month we highlight a time when we were not so proud of our achievements of the day. Let's see just how a new plasma machine and renovating an industrial building can be combination for failure.


Tom Moran

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