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The Iron Press May 2024

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

ABOVE - Ryan takes a break from welding on another record breaking project. These trunnion bases are fracture critical with some joints taking over 100 passes to complete one weld. A dozen, or even 20 passes create massive and powerful weldments but few companies lay down 100 passes or more to fill one joint. Whoever engineered this wants it really strong and Ryan is the guy to make it just that.

A team couldn't have much more fun while doing some of the most challenging work on the planet. That fun has been in the face of more than one hurdle. Sometimes we switch from shouldering the wheel to locking arms, then dragging this wagon from the mud.

This month we break records that are hardly even noticed by the crew as they focus on the next record breaking task. All machines are humming and all people are producing, and they are building some of the best work to ever leave this facility.

Let's see some of the projects of the day and some of the fun things from years ago. We took special care in helping a state agency do some things that were just a little on the edge.


Tom Moran

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