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The Iron Press May 2023

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

This is a great month in that it best demonstrates the hard work and dedication of this entire team. We finished and shipped two of the largest single modules EVER and at the same time completed a laundry list of critical weldments for other clients. Our projects come in all sizes and shapes and have from the start of this company.

Ryan does difficult welds on the inside and John does what is known in welding as "sucking gravy" on the outside. John has a reputation for the most beautiful welding in the region and the heavy parts they are producing will be show pieces. We can not tell you what they are or where they will go but they are an important part of our national defense.

We spotlight a family that has been dedicated to their profession spanning three generations and using "tools" we fabricated decades ago that are still used today. We have done some wild projects here but few have been so unique and continued to provide service for so long.


Tom Moran

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