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The Iron Press April 2024

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

ABOVE - Jose is doing his quality checks on the girders. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products here at Moran Iron Works.

Happy Belated Easter from the Moran Iron Works Team! We hope all of you had and will continue to have a basket full of joy and sunshine this spring.

Randy, Project Operations Manager

I've handed over the writing of the April's newsletter to Randy Sonefeld, Project Operations Manager. Randy joined the team over four years ago with an aviation background and has been bringing in some of the tricks of the trade to MIW. One of his duties is overseeing the Project Management Team which he'll share about below. In addition he picked up the IT responsibility which he started transferring over to another employee this new year. A husband, father and grandfather Randy enjoys time with the family and spent a week in February with the crew on a Walt Disney Cruise.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter!


Tom Moran

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