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The Iron Press March 2024

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

James, Jim, and Justin hesitate for a quick photo. Jim is Shop Forman for most of our marine construction projects and has built several hulls for some of our premier clients like Superior Boats and Pictured Rocks. This Kayak Vessel will be launching in May with another vessel beginning, before this one is launched.

We have a month for you!

Plenty of metal getting cut and fabricated with seasoned welders along with new team members that are giving the old timers something to smile about.

Along with the steel and aluminum we have a great story of just how planful and thoughtful our crew is. It makes one proud to see just how these guys support the CEO and just how close we are.

Read on and see what we are doing and get a glimpse into what keeps us on our game.


Tom Moran

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