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The Iron Press June 2024

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

AAdyson is doing a little maintenance helping Tom Moran out with a positioner. This was her first week working here. Wonder if it's a little nerve racking working your first week along side Tom?

This is my month to take a break from writing and I'm excited to share the stage with Misty who is our Featured Guest Writer. Misty joined the MIW Team last February as Senior Finance Accountant and has been a true asset. An alumni of Lake Superior State University, she comes well prepared and knowledgeable of the work before her.

Misty will discuss in detail our Front Office Staff and what they do to keep us running smoothly. It definitely takes a crew of dedicated team members to keep up on the daily tasks. She also went around the shop and took a few photos of our hard working team highlighting a few of the items taking place in the shop this month.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this month's newsletter.


Tom Moran

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