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The Iron Press February 2023

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

This is a month with plenty that is new.

We have new technology, new equipment, and new people. Along with all that we have our seasoned team doing some of their magic with heavy plate steel.

Just witnessing the look of determination and competence on their face as they pick up their tools and go to battle with an unruly piece of steel makes a person proud to be in manufacturing. One can not watch this process without a smile and admiration.

And we saved the best for last. Read on to see how a new client is introducing old technology to the new world. Some of our largest and heaviest projects will make the planet just a little greener.


Tom Moran

metal plate work cone shape
Jason and Tom wrestle a large piece of plate while break-rolling it into a cone shape. Transitions are a specialty of ours and we have several ways of forming these parts into shape after cutting.

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