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Design, Fabricate, Insulate & Ship Large Duct Work Worldwide
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Replacement Components for Turbine Systems
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Full-service metal fabricating.

Moran Iron Works is a dynamic & flexible fabrication facility, supplying custom welding & industrial fabrication to a global market.

Typical Projects

  • Platework Fabrication
  • Ductwork Fabrication
  • Stacks and Silencers
  • Baghouse Modules
  • Precipitator Modules
  • Structural Support Steel
  • Platforms, Stairways, Railings
  • Chutes, Gates, Silos, Surge Bins
  • Plenums, Heat Shields, Baffles
  • Turning Vanes, Hoods
  • Eductor Pans, Exhaust Diffusers
  • Log Screens, Traveling Screens
  • Coffer Dams, Trash Rack Systems

Our Services

We specialize in one-of-a-kind fabrication and conversion, and our engineering and fabrication flexibility allows you to customize your projects and tailor them to your own specifications.

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Bag House Fabrication

Moran Iron Works Bag House Fabrication

Duct Work

Moran Iron Duct Work

Custom Fabrication

Moran Iron Works Fabrication
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