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The Iron Press October 2023

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

This month has been filled with some of the most critical weldments this shop has ever seen.

Jon lifts one dam gate in the background while the crew fabricates the second in the foreground. Holding water back is no easy task and the strength built into these structures is impressive.

Mixed with everything else, we finished two of the largest winch shafts ever welded here. They will soon be lifting flood gates holding back thousands of tons in water pressure.

The variety is just amazing here. We are doing things like building blast doors for artillery shell magazines in the Pacific and dam gates for the nuclear side of a large power generation company in the United States. And, some really fun stuff in between all that.

We also highlight one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our region, and one of most influential clients we had in our earliest years. Don't miss this one because it goes back decades before MIW was ever thought of and gives some insight into some who formed this company.


Tom Moran

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