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The Iron Press December 2023

To My Valued Friends and Clients,

It is the season!

We work extra hard during the holidays and do it with plenty of extra smiles.  One can not walk through this place without understanding that what we do is important and is more than a job.

Andy, Gary and Dalton are finishing up fabricating a mining truck box and stop for a quick picture. Complete fabrication and repair of mining and quarrying equipment has been a part of our portfolio since the beginning of the company.

One gift our team carries all year long is the gift of having a meaningful career. Something that they proudly support their families with, assist our clients in supporting their families, and play a part in the greater good of our communities.

There is plenty of diversity in the projects we will show you this month and you will see some of those smiling faces along with the metallic component.

We poked fun at our local fire department last month and didn't get any hate mail. That means we need to do another round. Some of our history can only be told after the statute of limitations runs out. This is one of those.

Let's see how Moran Iron Works and our favorite gang of firefighters grew up together and what lessons were learned along the way. 


Tom Moran

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