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Moran Iron Works lays the Keel on the New Kayak Launching Vessel

Less than 90 days into construction of the new 64’ x 19’ aluminum vessel for Pictured Rocks Kayaking, the keel has been installed into the hull. On Friday, February 15, 2019 the team at Moran Iron Works successfully completed this important production milestone of the hull assembly.

This yet unnamed vessel will become the mainstay of the Pictured Rocks Kayaking fleet. The new vessel will be eight feet longer with a six foot swim deck, and will be able to accommodate twice the number of existing passengers and kayaks. Additionally, this boat will bring efficiency to the water as it will run nearly one and a half times faster than the current vessel. CEO of Pictured Rocks Kayaking, John Madigan comments, “The project will allow Pictured Rocks Kayaking the ability to provide an improved delivery system to our guests.  It will provide a much-improved guest experience.”  “Any time a company from Michigan can build and use a product within our state it provide jobs, and a secure future for our workforce in Michigan,” says Madigan. “This state has some of the best talent in the country in the manufacturing process. It helps everyone.” The vessel is now expected to be completed and delivered by the summer of 2019, given the tremendous efforts and production efficiencies from both Moran iron Works and Pictured Rocks Kayaking. “We have planned on this vessel for a couple of years, and wanted Moran Iron Works to build it for us. They represent exactly what we are about: quality, efficiency, and just a good company to work with. We look forward to seeing the vessel on Lake Superior taking out our guests to a world class experience,” states Madigan.

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