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The ART-360T is a further development of the carrousel technology offering an operational and cost-effective tug with true All-Rounder capabilities. 

Because of the special technology and design the AR-360T has the same capabilities as an ASD TUG but with much less capital expenditure and operational costs. The sales price for an All-Rounder 360 tug will be 20-30% less than for an ASD TUG with the same ton bollard pull. The operational costs will be 30-35% less (fuel etc) as well as lower maintenance costs.


  • The AR360T combines a towing ring with conventional shaft FPP and offers an attractive economic alternative, both regarding building and operational cost 

  • The AR360T offers two clear operational advantages of all around flexibility and large hydrodynamic forces 

  • Use of hydrodynamic forces instead of propulsion reduces fuel consumption, pollution and engine running hours

  • Less yearly repair and maintenance costs and longer economic life of the tug itself due to less mechanical wear on the propulsion system 

  • The large stability effect of the towing ring enables to locate the towing point near the center of lateral resistance. This in return enables to control the tug’s heading safely independent of towline load variations 

  • The towing ring allows to control the bow tug safely, whilst using the full steering and braking potential 

  • Due to bow-first sailing and the large stability safety margin, the towing operations can even be performed at higher sailing speed, in adverse weather and wave conditions and high current conditions 

  • The AR360T offers more effectiveness with less investment. The use of the large hydrodynamic forces may even lead to a reduction of the number of tugs to be used for assistance 

  • Together with increasing escorting speed, the hydrodynamic lift forces of the tug increase, thereby enabling safe operations at higher speeds 

  • A bow AR360T offers, in contrast to an ASD, at sailing speed effective steering forces, increased rate of turn and a reduced path width of the assisted vessel, thereby facilitating controlled operations in narrow port areas 

  • The combination of a bow and stern AR360T offers at sailing speed the most effective steering and braking forces combination for ship assistance

  • Capsizing due to towline forces is prevented by the towing ring enhancing the safety


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